Monday, March 1, 2021

Good Habits For Success


Good Habits For Success

 Your habits build your future.  Our Habits will be make Our Future.
 Habits are not made in a day, they take time, so let's read Good Habits which will lead our life towards success.

Walk up Early in the Morning 

Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man health, wealthy and wise
 Most successful individuals wake up early in the morning because they have time to start their day according to their own.
 Whether we take on , Barack Obama or Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg all rise early in the morning.

Start Your Day with Positive Thought

As we start our day, our whole day goes on like that.  Read the Motivational Book at least half an hour as soon as you wake up in the morning.  These 30 minutes decide your whole day, if you think only positive in these 30 minutes, then your whole day will be very good.

 Be at Peace 

Anyone can get angry easily.  But it takes effort to control anger.  It is very important to know how angry, at what time, on whom to do it.  "This is not an easy task.
 We are going home from office.  Then there is a lot of traffic on the road, someone put his car in the middle.  We got very angry.  By making anger like this, we made a habit of getting angry.  Now the same habit makes us nervous.  Now we have to reverse it.  If you get angry, drink cold water, go from that place.  Listen any Music.  Remove your mind from that place and person

Selfless Service

This is a very good way to keep yourself and people around you.  Since childhood, we have learned to do anything and get something in return.  Now we change our thinking and do work from day to day, one thing only for the happiness of others, in return for which we do not need anything.  This will make the environment around us happy.

Do what you like

Do your interest work during the day. Give time to your hobby.  Such as Dance, playing outdoor game ,Swimming, Singing etc.
Your life is becoming and worsening in your own hands, like a bundle is formed by an ocean.  By such a good habit, a person's character is formed.

The more you work with yourself, the more beauty your life will be.

This habit will fill your life with new excitement,
Change is the law of life, learn to accept it.  If you do not accept change then you cannot be as successful in life as you should be or as much as your power is.  Keep your mind ready for everything new.

Friday, February 26, 2021

What happens around us is a reflection of our own thoughts and actions.

Hello friends,

 We often blame others for our failures. But we are responsible for it. We have the power to change any situation.  We determine the boundaries of our field of work.  Let's understand this better.

Once a dog 🐕ran into a museum full of mirrors.  The museum was very unique, the walls, ceiling, doors and even the floor were made of mirrors.  Seeing his reflection, the dog was stunned in the middle of the hall.  He saw that he was surrounded by dogs from above and below.  The dog gritted his teeth and responded to all the reflections the same way.  Terrified, the dog barked loudly, the dog's reflection mimicked the dog, and the imitation grew many times over.  The dog 🐕‍🦺barked hard, and the echo grew louder.  The dog ran from one side to the other while his reflections did the same.  The next morning, museum security guards found a wretched, lifeless dog surrounded by thousands of dog reflections.  There was no one else to hurt the dog.  The dog died fighting with his own reflection!😒

Summary: The world does not consider itself good or bad.  What happens around us is a reflection of our own thoughts, feelings, desires and actions.  The world is a big mirror.  You will get the same reaction as you do!  Friends, Charles R.  Swindol's famous line is' Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.  That means life is 10% an event with you and 90% is how you react to it.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Why do children eat Soil dust? Here are the causes and remedies

This problem is seen in children from one to five years of age

 In addition to Soil dust, children eat things like pencils, sand, lime, squares, paper, which have no nutrition at all.

We have seen children from kneeling to 5 years of age eating inedible things like chok, Soil dust, paper, lime, pencil.  There are certain factors at work behind this move.  

Why do children eat Soil dust?

There are some reasons behind putting the above items in the mouth.  In which mainly,

 1: Malnutrition in children, mainly iron deficiency.

 2: Worm in children.

 3: Not enough time or love given to the child by the parents.

 4: Loneliness of the child.

 5: Stress.

 6: Anger or punishment inflicted on a child and

 7: This problem is more common in mentally retarded children               suffering from mental illness.

After knowing the above reasons, Why do children eat Soil dust?  Here are the causes and remedies now let us know the solutions to overcome this problem

 1: Change the diet of the child as per the advice of the doctor.

 2: Give iron and calcium medicines to the child as per the doctor's         advice.

 3: Giving deworming drugs if needed.

 4: Give the child enough time and love.

 5: Don't get angry or punish the child.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

What happens when you work from bed ?

 What happens when you work from bed ?

A staggering number of people are setting up shop on their mattresses; according to a November 2020 study, 72% of 1,000 Americans surveyed said they had worked remotely from their bed during the pandemic – a 50% increase since the start of the crisis. One in 10 reported they spent “most or all of their workweek” – 24-to-40 hours or more – in bed. This is especially true of young workers; in the UK, workers aged 18 to 34 are the least likely to have a proper desk and chair, and are twice as likely to work from bed than older workers.

But the reality is that turning your bed into your office can trigger a slew of health problems, both psychological and physical. And even if you don’t notice them now, adverse effects – possibly permanent – could emerge later on in life.

Young people, she points out, are particularly likely to fall victim to these bad habits, because they may not feel the strain of them right away. But the pain will flare up down the road. And depending on how bad your habits have been over this last year, the damage may already be done. It depends on the person, but it may be too late to undo the ergonomic problems you’ll face when you get older.

Breaking your brain

When you work from bed for a year, it doesn’t just potentially wreck your body. It’s possibly bad for your productivity and sleep habits, too.

“As sleep specialists, we tend to recommend that the bed should be for the three Ss: sleeping, for sex or for when you’re sick. That’s it,” says Rachel Salas, associate professor of neurology and sleep expert at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.

“The more you watch TV in bed, play video games in bed and not sleep in bed, your brain starts learning, ‘oh, OK, we can do any one of these activities in bed’. It starts building these associations, which eventually evolve into conditioned behaviours.”

The most pernicious issue, however, is that all those potential problems may show up in some WFB workers, but not in others.

“Some people will swear that it’s not an issue for them: they can work in bed, they can sleep in bed,” says Salas. “They can do whatever they want in bed and it doesn’t negatively affect their sleep.”

It may feel like one more thing to worry about in the Covid-19 era.“If you don’t have any of the negative effects, great,”says Salas. “But that might not always be the case.”

Sunday, February 21, 2021

February 2021 Current Events: Science and Technology

The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the science and technology news events you need to know so far for February 2021.

Porsche Breaks Land Speed Record

On February 15, Porsche set its fourth Guinness World Record, this time for indoor land speed. The all-electric Taycan car reached a record 102.65 mph, beating the old record by 13.6 mph. (CNN)

Perseverance Lands on Mars

On February 17, the six wheeled Mars Rover, Perseverance, quickly approached the end of its seventh-month journey as it began the descent to Mars. The robot now just has to safely land itself. This mission is perhaps one of the most important for NASA, as Perseverance is carrying tools and instruments that have not been used on the planet before. On February 19, Perseverance officially landed on Mars, a huge success for NASA.(BBC)

Friday, February 19, 2021

For Healthy Hair Try Eating More Flaxseeds

For Healthy Hair Try Eating More Flaxseeds

 Flaxseeds the teeny-tiny seeds on top of on your smoothie bowl or avocado toast — do more than just add the finishing touch to a healthy breakfast.  These nutritious powerhouses contain a plethora of heart-healthy unsaturated fats plus vitamins and minerals that can benefit your body in a number of ways.

And while you may think of them as just a crunchy garnish, flaxseeds also provide a one-two punch of plant-based fiber and protein, powering you up in the morning and helping you stay energized until the afternoon. So before you pour a scoop of flax into your granola, get the full scoop on what these seeds can do.

flaxseed Nutrition Stats

Serving Size: 2 tablespoons

  • 70 calories

  • 4.5g total fat

  • 0g cholesterol

  • 0g sodium

  • 4g carbohydrates

  • 3g dietary fiber

  • 0g total sugars

  • 3g protein

  • 0mcg vitamin D

  • 24mg calcium

  • 1mg iron

  • 113mg potassium

flaxseeds are great for digestion.

Flaxseed is good sources of fiber with about 3 grams per tablespoon, or 11% of what you need in a day. Getting enough fiber can help keep your GI tract in tip-top shape. Fiber is also shown to slow the absorption of carbohydrates during the digestive process, meaning it can help control blood sugar levels and make you feel fuller, longer.

They support healthy hair growth.

If you're looking for healthier locks, try eating more flaxseeds along with more fish, nuts, and other produce. The polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids inside can help nourish your hair and scalp and prevent dryness.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What to do to keep the intestines healthy?

What to do to keep the intestines healthy?

The importance of bowel function is not limited to the body's nutrition and strength.  This is being proved by many researches, clinical trials.  At that time, the mystery behind the importance given to the intestines since ancient times is estimated.  Even more than 200 years ago, the ancient Greek Daphneite emperors became very popular.  According to Mahapomkratus, ‘every disease begins in the intestines.  In the absence of intestinal permeability, the accumulation of feces in the digestive tract produces mucus in the body which is believed to cause side effects.  From time to time, there was also opposition from the scientists of the time to 'The Accent Methyry of Autointoxication'.  Increasing resources and research have provided more detailed and accurate information on various aspects of bowel function and digestion, and revealed the side effects and side effects of prescription drugs used to flush out feces from the intestines and remove pathogens.  Thus the intestines are only the ducts that separate the feces, and as a result of the awareness of the fact that they are not, many discoveries have been made and are still going on.  There were about 200 clinical tiles in the gut alone, including microbes in the gut and its utility-function in 2016 alone!  Not only digestion, digestion and digestion but also the balance of fats in the body, the balance of blood glucose, the balance of mental capacity, endocrine glands etc.

• For intestinal health, food needs to be easily digestible and rich in fibrous substances.

Besides the dietary substance, type, cooking, the food has been suggested to diet 'skens' s. The key is affected by digestive digestive to digest the dwelling of the food. In the way, the amount of food is also affected by the dominance of dying. The dietary proportion is to be overtaking or implementing the immortality. The sanctke is a pleasure from the meante, the digestive, the shipment easily, it is done on the section of the fiscal, enzymes etc.

Good Habits For Success

Good Habits For Success  Your habits build your future.  Our Habits will be make Our Future.  Habits are not made in a day, they take time, ...